Hey there! I’m Sami, and here is a little bit about me…

Currently, I’m doing a double degree of Arts/Business. I’m in my fourth year of study and plan to major in Media and Communications and Marketing.

Ever since I can remember I have always loved being creative, whether that was making YouTube videos in my room as a child, writing short stories or even making a podcast! As I’ve grown older, I think I’ve channeled these interests into a growing passion for both the marketing and media industry.

Upon graduating next year (fingers crossed), I would love to work in a creative agency or a media/marketing firm. Anywhere within the field of media or marketing really, as long as I can be constantly challenged, kept on my toes and while being creatively fulfilled in the process!

As for the more personal parts of life, I love spending time with my family and my dog (Ginger the Labradoodle). I also have a keen interest in food and bar culture in Melbourne – I love trying new things! I also love to watch movies and geek out about cinema. I love following new releases and watching as much press content as I can about my favourite directors and movies. 

So, yeah, that’s me!

Hopefully we can both learn something about each other throughout this whole blogging process. Stay tuned!

Ginger the Labradoodle